Sunday, April 4, 2010

What we've learnt all week

Im very proud that N has learnt the names of some animal youngs through this activity. This week, im going to introduce another 6 new baby animals to N using the same puzzle set.

We've also learnt the names of the geometric solids. I always believe in writing down the names on a paper when i'm teaching N new objects. This way, he not only knows the name of each object audibly but he also can SEE the names of the objects. The new words he learnt are 'ovoid, triangular prism, rectangular prism & pyramid'. This method proves to do well with us. N has been learning new objects and new words all at the same time! 

And he has also mastered the different parts of a car (except that he always mix up bonnet and windscreen!) through this activity. Time to move on to bicycle!

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