Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blue hat, Green Hat

Sandra Boynton's books are really fun to read aloud to and with a child. It's funny and its got a catchy beat to it. The latest book by Sandra that N & i fancy is 'Blue Hat, Green hat'. N loves to read this book along with me especially when we come to the word 'oops!' on each page. The words on this book are relatively simple such that N could read this book entirely on his own! I always wondered why would any author want to write such a simple book, now that i witness my own son being able to read it, i now know.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Girl or Boy?

Here's how i teach N the difference between 'girl' and 'boy. I cut out pictures from a book, laminate them and had N to sort them according to their gender. Sometimes i would take out the Mandarin words cards and have him place the pictures onto the correct word card. N can get confuse (because some of the girl pictures have short hair and some men seemingly wear skirts in their national costume) and sometimes mix them 2 gender up.

Matching Sea animals

I bought a set of minature sea animals (for less than $0.50!) and had N match them to the pictures. Although this game is a tad too easy for him but he loves it. To make it more challenging, i also got him to match the minatures to the word cards.

Animals & their food

I wanted to teach N the food that different animals eat. So i printed the pictures and pasted them over the ice- cream sticks. I seperate the food on one side and the animals on the other and i tell a story to N. I take an animal and tell him that its hungry and wants to eat. I get N to take the correct food for the animal. :) It's fun!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Insects & birds

I chanced upon this book on animals, insects etc in the library and had the idea of using the pictures to teach N the different species. So i photocopied the pages on insects and birds, cut them & paste them on a white cardboard. I wrote the names of each insects and birds on a seperate papers. I taught N to match the words to the various species and got him to do it independently when im certain he knows.

Water Water!

N's teacher said that he enjoyed water play very much. But because he is so messy, she don't quite let him explore with it. Actually, i thought that was the whole point right? He is suppose to practise to perfection right? On the other hand, i do understand. Previously, i allowed N to do this activity but because he spills water all over the place AND refuse to listen to instruction that i stopped this for a long time. But, feeling really bad that he is also not allowed to do this in school, i decided to oblige. Suprisingly, he wasn't so clumsy this time and obeyed every instruction, but of course still no where near to perfection (i had to hold on to the funnel!).

Motor-language skill training

Here's my 2 in 1 training for N. I laid out each mandarin word cards (topic: color) and got N to scoop the colored marbles and transfer them into the respective bowls. It was a new game for N and of course he was attracted by it. He had no problem doing this activity. Well done!
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