Monday, April 5, 2010

This week's plan

I don't have a fix curriculum that i follow and only would plan the activities for the week on the weekend before. I just go according to whatever resources i have at hand and the topics that i wish to teach N.

This week we are learning about the names of different types of ocean fish.
I wanted to take our time and use the whole week to learn about the fish, who knew the daddy taught N EVERYTHING while i was showering. And within minutes N remembered all the fish and its names...there goes my plan for the week!

I would usually have N to use his finger to point as he counts. But he can't coordinate his verbal counting with his pointing. For instance, when he is counting at '4' his finger would be pointing at say, '6' etc.

So i made this activity for him. I cut out 10 strips of paper and pasted stickers on them from 1 to 10 (1 sticker on 1st strip of paper, 2 stickers on the 2nd strip etc...till 10). I instructed N to put the counter on each stickers as he counts along and find the matching numeral. This worked! N can count and coordinate better with this activity.

The animal youngs we are learning this week are: tadpole, elephant calf, fry (baby fish) and lamb. Again, i wanted N to take his time but within the first lesson he got all the names and remembered them!

We will also be learning that different type of triangles can be made into pallelogram, rectangle and squares!

We will also be dabbling on the tens board!


  1. Hello!! you guys has been very busy this week!!! Great activities!!, love the fish names, the count and counters and the teen board!!! yea!!

    Thanks for share it!!


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