Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Power of iphone

The other day, we attended a wedding dinner. In order, to keep him entertained and seated, i shoved the iphone to him. He, unfortunately, played with it the whole night. Anyway, his favourite game is the world flags application (he is particulary interested in world flags and world map).

The game goes like this; 20 world flags are randomly displayed on the screen. The player is to select the flag that matches with the country that appears at the bottom of the screen. N has learnt about 70+ country names and its respective flags, before he turned 2. So he was able to play this game independently.

However,  there were some flags (like African flags) that i have never taught him before. That night, as i watched him play, i discovered that he has learnt to recognise flags like Gabon, Suriname, Seychelles, Somalia, and many others that i couldn't keep track of (and never knew existed)- all through playing with the iphone. The daddy thinks N is getting close to beating his score! The moral of the story? Be very careful and selective of what you download on your iphone!

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