Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Puzzling puzzles!

Finally! N seems to be going through a sensitive period for puzzles at the moment. I know of boys who, before 2 years of age, could manage a 15-20 piece puzzle! I was eager for N to do the same but he wasn't interested in piecing even a 4-piece puzzle! Boy was i dissapointed! Feeling discouraged, i never played any puzzle games with him since...

until recently! He pulled out the puzzle box himself one day and started putting them together by himself. I was elated! I went on to purchase 2 more just so he could keep his mojo going!

This was found during a mini book fair. It cost me just SGD $9.90! For a wooden puzzle, that's quite a steal! (I actually think i was undercharged, sssh!). To my delight, this was a real hit with N. YAY!

The eager beaver in me went on to buy a 24-piece puzzle for N! I chose this one because N is always fascinated with flags of the world. But this puzzle is a tad too difficult for N to do. Oh well, we'll just have to wait.

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