Thursday, April 22, 2010

Promoted, again?

It's been 1 week of a new (mandarin) curriculum for the boy, and the chinese teacher's feedback was that N is doing well. In fact, she has suggested that we up his mandarin lessons to another level, Nursery 2 (currently he is being taught Nursery 1 curriculum, meant for 3/4 years old, i think?). 'Gwak'

The mandarin teacher 'complained' that N is learning too fast and to keep up with him, its best to introduce the next level to him. This week, N's older classmate (about 5 year old) has returned from her holidays, and both of them are attending the chinese lesson together. It seems, N is ahead of her and can read some of the words that she cannot. I also learnt that the teacher is teaching N 'tang shi' (chinese poetry)!

The good thing is that N is now learning more from the teacher than me. At the playgroup level, the teacher was teaching him words that he already knows. So i wasn't blown away when she raved about how he could read the words. I wondered if she taught him new words, would he be able to learn too? But, with this new curriculum he has learnt new words, that is beyond me. I have lost track of the words he knows. So, now i am absolutely convinced that N can learn from otherss too, not just from me. And as i have told the teacher, i am leaving all the mandarin teaching into her capable hands! Im washing my hands off (because, really mandarin is not my forte!).


  1. Wow... that's great! :) I must say you've been doing a great job designing all sorts of lessons for your boy... mind if I borrow some of your ideas? Also, would you want me to help you downsize your header photo? If you can mail it to me at, I can help you resize it so that it doesn't take up half the page! :)

  2. Hey MamaJ! NIce to 'see' you again! :) Of course, please feel free to 'use' any ideas here. (Actually, not all our my ideas). But as favour, do link up in your blog to mine. :) Ahahahaa, the large photo is annoying everyone yah? You're the 2nd person who's offering to downsize it! hahaha, but its very sweet of you. :) er, i may wana change the picture, we'll see (hope by then your kind gesture is still valid).


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