Friday, April 9, 2010

Smart or not?

Once a mother snubbed me saying that parents are teaching too much to a toddler & they should loosen their reins and let the child enjoy his childhood. To her, the child has a life time to learn so why hurry now? She even loosely said that someone read an article that said a smart pre-schooler does not equate a smart adult in future. That stuck to me, it makes me worry that one day, all these will fall back on me.

However, one thing i am very sure, N enjoys his 'work' very much. During our school hour, he is almost always happy, relax, stress-free and eager. Sometimes he would even beg to do 'work' before his bedtime and would cry if we say 'no'. I guess, N never viewed all these as work neither have i ever presented them that way. He sees it all as playing.

I strive to make our homeschooling relaxing and enjoyable. I make sure that i stop if N doesn't like the activity (although i have to admit i was quite the opposite in the begining & it sure stressed the socks out of the both of us! Thank God i've since to learn how to let N lead). Our homeschool hour NEVER exceed more than an 1hr, in fact, sometimes it'd only be 30min or less. But the things he learnt during that short span of time is astounding. The key, the activity must be short, the message clear and it must be easy for a toddler to understand.

So all that said, does it look like N is not having a happy childhood? It doesn't look like to me, does it?

While, learning IS a lifetime process but our absorbent period is limited. A child learns much faster & easier than any adult can. They are wired this way. Teach a child something & likely he would remember it quickly and for a long time. I don't know about other parents, but i sure want to make use of this period. And the best part, they LOVE learning!

I don't know if a smart pre-schooler will or will not eventually becomes smart in future. But i do know that a child who develops faster than the next child doesn't make him smarter. A child who walks faster, sings better, talks at an early age, doesn't make him smart. So, im thinking that article might be referring to that. Moreover, these homeschooling activities don't aim to make N smart. It's aimed to bring him knowledge. To help him sort, to make sense and understand the load of information he has absorbing since an infant. Will these make him smarter? Who knows? I'll let you in on that when he turns 7! :P


  1. Hmmm, actually I've read that for the Montessori philosophy, this is the age where they learn things the fastest, and also would be eager to learn... And yup, if your son is enjoying himself, then the other mother has no right to tell you how to teach your son! I guess all that learning not only is to bring knowledge, but to also pick up values and lifeskills. :)

  2. Hi MamaJ, thanks for dropping by and your words of encouragement! Definately, the objective is always to keep them happy & learn valuable lifeskills. I visited your blog, you've got great pictures! WOW!


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