Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tracing Shadows

Warning: tedious preparation work ahead.

I saw a animal shadow matching game and wanted to buy it. But the price of it wasn't worth it especially when i know N will grow out of it after one or two plays. So i decided to DIY.

But it was alot of hardwork! The tracing was easy, but cutting thin lines from a tracing paper is no easy feat. Then pasting the tracing paper onto a black sheet of paper wasn't fun as well! It takes alot of skill to glue & stick the flimsy and fragile paper!

But it was all worth it! The previous matching games were too easy and this one, well wasn't too tough for him too but at least it's something new. He always prefer new things. Here N is matching his animal toys with it shadows.

N got all the animals right, except the chicken.

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