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Occasionally, i get asked where i bought some of the materials i use. Hence, i decided to set up a separate page to share where you may purchase them.

Montessori Kit

My kit was bought from Singapore Motherhood forum but i've since lost contact with the seller and neither have i seen her thread online. But i do see other sellers carrying the similar stock on and off. You would need to diligently look out for the thread. Otherwise, you may also consider purchasing from Enrighten.Com but do note, i didn't purchase from here hence i cannot comment about the quality nor service.

I bought this book from a mini fair few years back but i have seen it on the shelves of Popular Book shop. You have to search book by book (it's usually not displayed very prominently) under the Junior reference Section.

Our Mosaic items were bought from a shop at Bukit Timah Plaza. I can't recall the shop's name but it is the only shop that sells Mosaic stuff so it's quite easy to locate it.

Other knick Knacks

Most of my DIY materials are bought from 2 shops 

1) Daiso- i love to walk around Daiso because there are really ALOT of knick Knacks to be found and at low cost too! Some times i draw inspiration just by browsing through its shelves! So here's where i get stuff like felt materials, trays etc from.

2) Popular Bookshop- can you tell? it is my favourite place to look for inspiration!

These are the 2 shops i would go to whenever i need to get materials for my DIY kits. I hope this helps! I will continue to add more items on this page based on the queries i get.  

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  1. Nice! I'm looking at homeschooling for my 2yo son next year as my baby will be out in Jan. Thanks for sharing your stock list. =)


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