Sunday, March 15, 2009


I am a stay home mother to a 2 year old boy, N. Since we have not put him to any school, i decided to appointment myself to be his official teacher. I am only a few weeks into homeschooling N, but i thoroughly enjoy this journey. I find satisfaction when i see N learning and gaining knowledge through the activities i penned out for him. More importantly, i get to control the curriculum.
My teaching resources mainly come from books like Montesorri and Glenn Doman. Oh, yes, im a firm believer of using flashcards to teach my son. I started since he was about 5 months old and im grateful for it. N has learnt many things through our flashcard sessions. That's where he learnt to recognise English and Mandarin words, Maths, National flags, Shapes, colors, musical notes etc. I used Montessori methods to revise and reinforce what he learnt from the flashcards.
Im starting this blog to share my resources and my journey with other like minded mothers out there. Hopefully, i get some tips back in return! So hop on and enjoy the ride with me & N.
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