Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Animals and its youngs

I had planned to teach N the names of the baby animals. It started one day when we stumbled on a picture of a kitten and asked N what it was to which he said 'cat'. I was concern that he'd be confused because there is a picture of young cat but the word on the page is 'kitten'. There and there i knew i had to help N differentiate the two.


I was planning to look through the internet for pictures, print, cut and laminate...all the tedious work! I was procastinating really...until i saw this puzzle in a store one day. It was exactly what i had wanted! A puzzle of animals and its young. I had N first fit the puzzle by matching the adult animal to its young. I then used word labels, which i made, and taught N that the baby hen for instance is called a chick, the baby whale is called a calf..etc. So far N has been picking this puzzle almost everyday.

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