Thursday, April 22, 2010

5 is more and 2 is less

I have been practising the concept of more and less with N using my DIY kit. He knows the meaning of more and less so i raised the bar a little higher by getting him to understand why '5' is more than '2' and why '2' is less than '5'. As i blogged earlier, i used the above stickers to teach him that. One night, i drew this activity out from our shelf and layed out just the number cards (without the stickers), and casually asked him which number is more ('8' or '2'). He was able to tell me that 8 is more than 2 and 2 is less than 8. To make sure he really understood, i made it a wee bit more challenging by taking out numbers '8' & '7' and i asked him again. This time...he also answered rightly! Hooray! My son has pass! Now on the next stage...

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