Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Recently, i have been given postitive feedback about N from his school teachers, especially his Chinese teacher. For the past 2 weeks or so the teacher has been raving about how intelligent (in her own words) N is. She is fascinated by how fast N is able to learn new words and how well he could remember them (even with little revision). She even went to the extent of comparing with, not his peers, but older kids in school and said that while they had much difficulty learning the words, N would do it with ease. She also pointed out that Mandarin words are not easy to learn.

I am of course blown away by their comments but more because it shows that N is opening up in school. During the first month or so of school, the teachers would tell me that N doesn't seem to know the basic things like colors, numbers etc. I had to tell them all the stuff that he knows, while the teachers were surprise by his knowledge but were not able to verify that in class. I suspect the teachers saw me as an overly bragging parent then.

However, as weeks go by, N is begining to open up to his teachers (especially the chinese teacher, whom i think is his favourite) and the teachers report now matches up with mine. Thank Goodness! However, his articulation is still very poor and it doesn't help that he speaks very softly. The good thing is that now the chinese teacher has learnt to listen to him more intently and can understand him. For instance, there are certain words that he cannot pronounce perfectly, but the teacher now knows that he is reading the correct word. I am very relief to hear such positive news from the teachers although he stills needs to brush up more on his communication skills. Keep it up my boy! :)

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