Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rhyming Words

I have read about the importance of teaching the child about ryhming words and how it would help in their reading (and even speech). So as always, i had big plans to make my own rhyming cards but never got to it because of the word 'procrastinate'. Luckily, i found this box of puzzles! Exactly what i need (im begining to rely on such puzzles!)

The concept of the game is to have the child find the matching piece that sounds the same as in 'ball' matches with 'hall'. The good thing about this puzzle is that the pieces are self correcting. I briefly taught N that 'mouse' rhymes with 'house' and 'boat' rhymes with 'goat' etc using the cover of the box. But i really didn't know how well he actually understood. Well, it seems he understood it perfectly. He managed to match most of the pieces correctly & the second time we did it, he got all correct. I wanted to take our time to do the puzzles, but my 'hungry' son took them all out because he was really eager to do them. So, after 2 plays, i think we're more or less done with this box.  :(

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