Wednesday, April 7, 2010


In N's school, he is considered under the Playgroup (pre-nursery) curriculum based on his age. He will only be enrolled in Nursery next year.

However, the chinese teacher, seeing how advanced N is in school, decided to introduce to him the Nursery level curriculum instead. The teacher was very confident that N would be able to catch up. But I was alittle apprehensive, although i do agree that the playgroup lessons are more of a revision for him. I was worried he wouldn't be able to understand, seeing that the higher curriculum is something i've never taught him. Then, it hit me. All this while i've been ahead of the school, instead of letting the school teach my son new stuff. Having this revelation, i decided to let go, afterall why should i be paying them for something N has already know?

After school today, the chinese teacher excitedly reported to me that N was able to cope with the first lesson & could even read the new words (but of course, i already taught him at home!). It was a good assurance but then again, its too early to tell?

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