Thursday, April 29, 2010

Random Stuff

I have not been doing any work lately mainly because this mama is uninspired. Moreover, i felt that N was doing good work in school so i didn't want to 'overwork' him (although school's only 3 times a week). However, seeing how N keeps searching for things to do from our shelf (but only to find old stuff still there), i decided to start again which made me all inspired!

Meanwhile, i have been doing random stuff with him here and there.

We are still learning about the animal babies. I am aiming to complete all the puzzles in the box.

Also, just to revise, i printed out a table of baby 'xxx' and had N match the labels (which i made for the above puzzles). I delibrately did not read it out for N so i knew he could read independently and understood what he was reading. He could match the words perfectly. Well done for remembering my boy!

I saw this at Mi Escuelita Montessori blog and knew i had to do it with N. N got really bored with his pink tower and brown stairs that he has NEVER attempted to take them out. But he was truly pleased and happy doing this. I thought this was an excellent activity as N got to learn about sequencing.

I wanted to be sure N knows his phonics (ok yes, im back at this again, never mind what i said about phonics earlier!). So i took out some pictures and alphabets & had N to match. Unfortunately, he didn't do well with this. Well...we'll have to keep doing this!

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