Thursday, April 29, 2010

Playdough fun!

How do we have lots of fun with our Playdough?

We use our egg puzzles to do letter stamping on playdough! I got this idea from Pre which is an absolutely fabulous website!

We also made animal tracks on playdough. I might have gotten this idea from surfing the other Montessori blogs...and im sorry i really forgot who.

We pretended the animals were stuck and narrated parts from this book that we are reading now titled One Duck Stuck by repeating the catchy phrase 'Help help, who can help? We can We can!' N & i had loads of fun with this. It was very endearing to see N chanting away with me. :) N loves this book very much.

Again, from Pre kinders website, i had the idea of using the parts from Mr Potato Head toy and stuck it into our playdough. N was very amused!

But N's favourite of all was when we made tyre tracks using N's vehicle toys. Again, this idea was adapted from Pre kinders website. He was completely fascinated with the tyre tracks and was upset when i had to clear it away. Another day baby!

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