Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What have we been doing?

There isn't much to post about or more accurately, i do not have the luxury of time to sit in front of the computer and type away in absolute peace. Today is one of those rare, rare, rare days. That said, it does not mean our homeschooling has ceased. It is still very much active just that i've stop creating activities for the boy. Instead, i am relying heavily on workbooks which do a fine job, in my opinion.

Our homeschooling now is just a mere 10-15 minutes (hasn't it always?) each morning. Sonshine works on one or two 'mummy's homework'. After which he has free play before heading to school.

The following are subjects that i'm currently focusing on and i rotate them daily.


Word Problems
Primary 1 syllabus


Trying really hard. But i'm trying to incoporate drawing, painting and art appreciation. But it's hard especially when i've a clingy girl at my feet and i'm too afraid of mess!

We painted one of Keith Haring's work as part of my art lesson

And as for babydoll...

I'm still working Glenn Doman flashcards with her. She now shows much interest and would even ask for it. Psst: I think she can recognise some words! But i am not entirely sure. She seems to be able to point to the correct words but if go for another round of cards, she start to loose her 'ability' and start goofing about. However, she seems to get it correctly for first few cards each time i 'test' her. I have activities planned for her but it's currently stored in my head waiting, just waiting to be actualised. Oh, if only i've the time and energy!

Besides that, she has lots of free play to the point of turning my house upside down. Currently her favourite toys are the wooden ring stacker (i'm surprised she can actually slot each disc in since the openings are rather small) and very cute & interesting Duplo set.

With all that said, i guess i'll be slowing down in my postings here. No, i won't be shutting this blog just yet. I'm just taking a snail's pace. So, 'ta-ta', till my next post! :)

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