Thursday, November 29, 2012

The end?

Happily, i wanted to upload photos and blog away until...
A message popped out telling me that i have max out my storage capacity & in order to continue i've to pay.
So is this the end?
One hand, i feel like i am reaching to a 'blogging' halt. There seem nothing interesting to share about since our homeschool is just doing assessment books after assessment books.
On the other hand, sometimes i do get hit with inspiration and i want to blog about it. Like now. But, it seems rather silly to pay for it.
So, i am weighing in my options. I can start a new blog elsewhere or i can create my very own. Or just end blogging right here.
But till then.....
This blog shall take another short break. Or maybe it's bye forever.
I hope i will get it sorted out soon. Otherwise, it's goodbye blog world! We shall see!/div>

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mad Maths!

This week, i call it Maths week. Sonshine finished a chapter on Time. I think we are about to complete the above assesment book, just a few chapters left.
We continue working on Word Problems. Example of a question he did was "There were 24 pigeons in the park & some flew away. There are 9 pigeons left in the park, how many flew away?"

We re-visited substracting by borrowing from the hundreds column. I realised he was a little rusty & i blamed it on my shady teaching. So i did it again, this time, he seems to understood the concept better.

Annual Parent teacher meet

I met sonshine's teachers ahead of the actual Parent-teacher meet. The teachers were kind enough to arrange us to meet earlier since i'm there everyday (to pick him up).
Both teachers shared that he is a very obedient and extremely well behaved boy. He is attentive and non disruptive in class. The mandarin teacher noted that he's love for learning is very strong and apparent. Like his past teachers, both teachers say he is academically strong.

His mandarin teacher shared that he takes his role/job very seriously. One of the example she gave was during the concert rehearsal, how he was so determined to get his steps right. She said although his dance moves were not perfect but that drive to want to do it right was commendable & will surely take him very far in life. No wonder, a couple of teachers came up to me and told me how impressed they were. I thought they were referring to his dancing! LOL!

I notice this attitude applies to all things relating to school- including his enrichment school. Be it the smallest of task from packing his school bag to his school work- he takes them all seriously. He listens to each and every instruction carefully and makes sure he executes them accurately- with or without my prompting. I am uncertain if this is a good or bad thing. Because i think it's driven by fear, fear of doing the wrong thing and being the odd one out. Yet, so far, i see nothing but good things resulting from this attitude of his. It spurs him to do his best, no less.
That said, he is not perfect. Socially, he still keeps to himself. Although he doesn't exchange many words, he does respond- only when needed. He joins in to play with his classmates minus the verbal exchange but comfortable with his friends. He is such a quiet boy that even when he's bullied by his classmates, he would simply keep mum. And he is quite an emotional little boy. He tends to cry, quite dramatically, over smallest of things and will cry like he lost his mother. No.Kidding. The teachers say we gotta toughen this boy up. Right, i am so going to check him in for taekwondo class- hiiaaaaak!

Of the feedback, i am most proud of is his behaviour in class. Over and over again, i hear the teachers say he is very well behaved. I am glad that he is not giving his teachers a handful. I have always been very proud of this aspect of my sonny. He's always been that good little boy, of course he has his moments. Yet again, i am not sure if it's entirely a good thing. He tend to get bullied easily because of his mild & quiet nature.

Overall, it was a good feedback. Nothing surprising though.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Our mandarin week

Last week, i didn't do any planning for babydoll. These days i am too exhausted & i just whip out household items whenever i can.
The other day, i turned over our laundry basket and gave her a packet of straws. She was kept busy with inserting the straws through the basket linings. :)

I sat her in the bumbo seat (yah, she can still fit comfortably in it) and shove her a set of stickers. She peeled off the stickers one by one and stuck them on the chair. It sure kept her quiet & contented!

As for sonshine, it was our Chinese theme week. Like always, i took out our assesment book.

He worked on comprehension. He had to read each sentence and check if they are correct by looking at the corresponding picture. (I had to read & explain some words to him)

Another new area i have started is the Chinse oral bit. He isn't very confident in speaking and let's not even talk about speaking in Mandarin! So, i think it's best i start him off now.

The theme we worked on was 'Living room'.
He learnt some key words relating to the theme.

I made this mini flap card to show him how to pair a word to other characters.

Lift the flap, you get another word with another meaning.
After he was familiar with the words, we refered back to the picture & i made him describe it using the words he learnt.
I think we did a few more workbooks, but i can't remember, :P

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