Friday, April 16, 2010

Alphabet 101

We didn't do much this week. Partly because 1) i was lazy and 2) which is honestly the real reason, i was running out of ideas! Thank God for ready made puzzles that are really nothing much to prepare! *wink*

I bought this puzzle set 2 months back in Ipoh. N, at that time, couldn't do activities like 'a is for apple, b is for banana'. He wasn't able to grasp the concept. So i thought this puzzle would be a good activity to get the idea across. I envisioned us sitting side by side and me explaining to him why a is for apple and ant.

Who knew, by the time i was ready to teach him this, he already figured out. He pulled out this puzzle box and played with it independently with no help from me. I was surprise he even got all right. Moments like this, tells me that sometimes, just sometimes, i under estimate his abilities.

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