Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Beginings II

I have a failing memory, i cannot remember where i printed these from. I AM SO SORRY! These are rhyming cards. I used them to go through the similar sound words with N. Although he did this puzzle really well, i wasn't sure if it was because he could read the words or if he really could HEAR the sounds of each word. THese cards were perfect as there are no words printed on them. N had no issues matching the cards. Its strange how he can differentiate the sounds but cannot articulate them well. 

We will be learning about the various parts of a bicycle.

For the life of me, i also cannot recall where i pluck this idea from (i saw this way way back so i didn't keep in mind where i saw it). BUT i know its one for the Montessori mama (maybe from Adventures of Bear). I traced out shapes of square and triangle using ice cream sticks. Using the sticks, we counted how many sides each shape has. 

Here is a printable tangrams from Pre kinders.com. I was suppose to print one in color and the other in black/white. Not wanting to waste my printer ink again, i decided to color them myself!

We are continuing our series on the alphabet puzzle i bought. This week's letters are W,Q,X,Y, P & C

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  1. Oh, I bought the shapes instead (M&D, i think). Very useful. Can do tessellations, can show how many triangles make up a hexagon for example. And yes, I printed these out too from pre-kinders. Directed creativity, I call it. haha. but he's caught on, and yesterday surprised me by making his version of a train.


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