Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More flower activities

Here are more flower activities we'll be dabbling this week:

I printed this flower cards some time ago when i was still having flashcard sessions with N. It's been a really long while since we saw these cards so what better time to bring it out again!

N suprisingly still remembered the names of some of the flowers. That's the power of flashcards for you! What we did was to name each flower and match it to the word cards.

This is an addition game which i printed out from here (my current fav website!). Yes, i agree that N may be too young to know how to add. But i think there's no harm exposing him to it. Here's how i did it. I placed one counter on each flower. I would then say aloud, for instance 'one' (pointing to the one counter on the first flower) 'plus' (pointing to the addition symbol) 'one' (pointing to the other counter on the next flower), 'equals?'. I got N to count the TOTAL number of counters and place the answer, using the numeral counter on the box above. In this case, it was '2'. And so on.

 I was extremely cautious when presenting this to him because i didn't want him to dislike the game and hence the subject. It was like do or die! The good thing was N enjoyed it! However, we played it very differently from how i planned it. N would pick up a numeral, say 4, and insist that i form an equation that gives the answer, 4, and then 5, 6, 7 all the way to 21! We could have continued but i didn't have enough numeral counters to make '22'!

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