Monday, May 10, 2010

Fishy stuff

Someone told me that there's no point spending money on Montessori stuff because there are many free resources available. I cannot agree more! Here is one of the many FREE montessori printable which i will be using for our homeschool lesson this week. Montessori students used these (in wooden puzzle forms) to learn about parts of animals or plants. Instead of buying all the puzzles which can be quite costly, why not print these out, do alittle DIY here and there...and we are set to work! Ok..i sound like a sales woman so (see ive got a typo disease) i digress.

Here's what i did. Using the template of a fish, i lay it over a black piece of paper and cut out the individual parts.

 The black cut out parts will be used as movable labels where N can match it to this master template and the following.

Then i printed out another page of the fish template and cut out the individual parts. I then paste them over black paper and label the parts.

Admitedly, these could have been done better (as i said, i have no patience to make it look pretty!). But oh well!

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