Monday, May 24, 2010

Sweet smelling FLOWERS!

This week's theme is on flowers!

I started by reading this book. It has very simple passages and huge pictures. I like this book because it brings across the message very clearly yet, simply- perfect for young children.

I printed this exercise on lifecycle of sunflower from here. We recalled what we read in the book (above) and place the cards in sequence.

We read about the different types of flowers

Here's a look at the book's contents.

We learnt how to spell 'flower'. I traced the letters on a paper and had N match it. After a couple of tries, he was able to spell the word independently. Well done my boy!

I gave in to temptations and bought this set of Montessori flower puzzle. I mean, it was perfect for my flower theme this week! I used this puzzle to teach N the different parts of a flower.

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