Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Beginings!

So, i have been dilligently making and planing new activites for N.We can finally resume our homeschool hour! This week, we will be doing/learning:
Sensorial activity.
Scooping cotton balls into an ice cube tray using a rounded spoon.

The things used by various proffessionals.
I used my old flashcards (on occupations) and printed out the respective instruments they used in the course of their work. I got N to match the instrument to the correct person.

At the same time, i got N to match the word cards to the pictures.

I saw this one Activity Mom blog but it originated from here. I didn't want to print it out in color (my printer runs of ink really fast) so i decided to DIY. I used colored papers and bought number stickers to make this. To play this, i used the number chips from the 100 board (montessori) and put it in a bag. I got N to draw out  one chip and placed it at the correct spot on my DIY board. Unfortuantely, he wasn't having fun with this, we had to stop. :(

National Costumes.
Since N is interested and has mastered the different countries & the world map, i decided to take a step further. I printed these out from a book and taught N to recognise the different national costumes and where they are from.

Color sorting.
Here's N sorting the chips by colors. I reckon this activity was too simple for him that after a second or 2, he asked to keep it away.

Pouring water.
N can pour water from bottle to a cup fairly well now. But he don't seem to know when to stop when the cup is full. He tends to overfill a cup. So i took out 3 cups, fill the bottle with just enough water for the 3 cups and had N pour the water into them. You know how he did by seeing the spilt water in the tray. He needs more practise!

I printed a booklet from here and at the end of the book there's a mini excercise to play.  Today, we are practising words from the 'at' family. N had to choose a letter that makes the correct word that decribes the picture. He did really well i must say.

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