Friday, May 21, 2010

2 puzzles in 1

N has 2 sets of wooden puzzles that i oh so love. But he is loosing interest in them. Perhaps its because its becoming a tad easy for him. To make it more challenging for him, i undid the puzzles and mix the 2 sets together (think i got this idea from the Activity mom). He went to work at it right away!

And the finished work!


  1. Hi! I find your blog via Mi Escuelita Montessori. You have interesting posts :-)

  2. Oh and I just realized you did manage to resize the header! :D

  3. mamaJ, you bet! I finally got the software to resize my picture! WHOOHOO!

    Leptir: I know you!! you have one of the most highly rated blogs! I lurve your blog! Thanks for dropping by and the compliments!! :)

  4. Oh yeah, I mix up the puzzle bits too, but then they still outgrow the puzzles. Maybe we should exchange puzzles. haha!


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