Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chinese strokes

N's teacher handed me a completed activity book which she gone through with N. It was on chinese strokes. When the teacher told me N knows the names of the basic chinese strokes, my reaction was just a 'oh okay'- i didn't think much of it. When i flipped through the book with N, I was shocked that he could tell me 'heng' or 'dian' or 'pie' (all the names of the chinese strokes) etc. I mean, hello, i learnt this in Primary 3 when i was 9 years old! I am of course very proud of what he has achieved but...deep in me, i think it's a tad too fast. I mean, his handwriting skills isn't even near to perfection yet and can he really understand what these strokes mean (apparently not)? But on the other hand, i do know that the kids are learning way faster than the kids in my time. Anyway, i sure hope he doesn't get confused!

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