Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Farm Animals

One evening, while waiting for daddy in the car, i decided to kill time by reading this book which was freshly borrowed from the library. I borrowed this book because i wanted to help N differentiate farm & wild animals.

I read out the title 'Farm animals' and asked N who lives in the farm as i turn the page. N answered me by reading each page out loud for me, 'duck!, turkey!, donkey! etc'. That night, while playing, i casually asked N 'which animal lives in the farm?'. To my suprise, he could remember what we read and named most of the farm animals we saw in the book! We spent only a brief moment reading the book and i only read that once with him, but he could remember! :) Little did i know he can learn so much in under a minute?  Never under estimate the power of books & reading aloud!

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