Wednesday, May 5, 2010

He makes me proud!

For the first time, N's form teacher came up to me in excitement. When i heard her calling me, my first thought was 'oh no what did he do this time?' But it was all good.

She showed me a book and asked if i had it the same copy at home. When i replied no, she looked surprised. She said that N could read the book by himself! But after reading half the book, he refused to continue (well, that's my son for you). I looked at the book and its not a normal toddler book. I think its meant more for 4-5 years old? Each page had 2 or more sentences (not phrases).The teacher said he was able to read even the challenging (for his age at least) words. 

I told her i've never taught him some of the words in the book and figured that he must have picked it up when she read it out loud to him. She was impressed by his ability to remember since she had only read the book to him a couple of times.

To be really honest, i am not surprise. I know N has been learning new words purely from our read-aloud sessions. And i know how well he can retain new words he learnt. That said, i am of course, over the moon hearing her feedback & pleased. More so because it's a sign to me that i made the right choice in choosing a Montessori school for N.

N has a very quiet personality with very mild temper. In a large group setting, it is very easy for one to neglect and overlook him. He is not vocal, like those toddlers who can strike a conversation with the teacher nor does he have very loud, attention grabbing actions. He never seeks attention, nor needs it, If he ever has a need or want, he'd figure out himself or simply find a subsitute that is more attainable.

I'm certain if i had placed him in a typical class setting, i would not have received the same good reports, perhaps an average or even poor feedback! I doubt the mainstream teachers would ever discover he could read or have a good memory. Come to think of it, his montessori teachers only started noticing him AFTER 3 other students moved out of the class. What more if it was in a larger & non-montessori setting? I cannot even being begin (i have this strange disease that makes me type one word but im actually thinking of another!) to imagine!


  1. Wow, your son is doing very good in school.. happy for you. May i know which school you send him to? The teacher sounds good. Nowadays its not easy to find a gd school with gd teacher who do good teaching.

  2. It was a montessori school. The teacher has left and the center has closed down too :(

  3. oic, so sad when it sounds so good. So u change school for your son?


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