Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Learning Bible verses

Ok the following picture is really messy. Bear with me please. I am too lazy to retake another one! LOL!

I want to share how i am teaching N bible verses. Instead of waiting for him to be older and forcing him to memorise verses, i decided to start now when he can memorise and retain things effortlessly. I printed the boy picture here and paste it over a green color paper. I made it into a mini board by pasting the paper over cardstock. I wrote a verse and stuck onto the board.

This week's verse is Psalms 139: 14 "I will praise thee for i am fearfully and wonderfully made..." You'll notice that i tweak the verse alittle. I changed it  to "N (i wrote his full name) is fearfully and wonderfully (yes ok, there was a spelling error  on the original copy!) made". I did it so because i wanted the verse to be personalised to him. I didn't want to quote the entire verse because i wanted to bring it down to a level where he can understand. Also i wanted a short phrase such that its easy for him to recite the verse. MOre importantly, i want him to remember the verse so that when he is older, he can refer to the bible and read the whole verse himself.

We've been reading out the verse every now and then. Im glad that N is receptive towards this and enjoys reciting with me. :)

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