Monday, May 24, 2010

Bible Study

My very best efforts in exposing N to bible stories have been futile. He is not interested in reading bible stories at all.  I have been cracking my head but i have no idea! This is one of my feeble ways to expose him to God. I took out his old puzzles, and wrote the words 'God created these'. As i placed each piece on the paper, i tell him 'God created dog! God created man! etc'. Erm, well at least he stayed till i finished the story.


  1. hi, i'm shoesthatfit's blogspot's friend, pam. i'm a SAHM to a 14month old boy living in australia. i love love love your blog! i want to do what you're doing with my son but don't really know where to start. would love to hear your experience and maybe some advice! pls email me at


  2. Hi , im 26 Malay SG mummy loving your blog too.. giving inspirations and motivation to me to teach my babies... I love the way you use simple items at home and make it workable and of course your ideas on bible study has inspired me although we are from different belief and faith ...BRAVO and a tap for you for all you work . It has benefit us alot.

    Thank you ...

  3. Hi orangebee, thank you! Wow, your words have humbled me! It sure feels great to know someone is benefitting from this blog. :)


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