Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Stand on Thomas!

I bought this Thomas the train mat when N was very young. It was meant to act like a play boundary for him. But not long after i bought it, N got more mobile & we stopped using the mat, which meant...i wasted my money! But, fortunately, we invented a new game using the mat (which makes me feel less guily of this unnecessary purchase). This game is simple but it is great for training the tod's listening skills.

It's like Simon says, we tell N 'Stand on...Thomas!' and N would scurry to find Thomas and stand on the spot! Or we would say 'stand on...edward!' and so on. He simply loves this game (although im really bored stiff playing this game so daddy's mostly his playmate). But its an excellent way to help the child learn to listen to instructions. You don't need a Thomas train mat to play this game, you can use almost anything! Say your child's cartoon bedsheet or you can lay picture cards all over the floor etc. It's easy, fun and educational...oh and its free! :)

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