Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mandarin lessons begin!

Last year, i did little Mandarin activities with N because i thought his school teacher was doing a good job. Turns out, she's been teaching him words that he already knows. Yes, we wasted an entire year. Oh well.

 Anyway, i've embarked on our learning Mandarin journey starting with this book. I am treating it like a textbook. We've been reading this book regularly for a few nights now, and as we read, i would emphasize on words that N doesn't know. After a while, he was able to read the 'new' words to me. But i wanted to make sure he was not memorizing, so i whipped out my chinese flashcards.

These were the new words we learnt from the book. I showed to N one at a time and asked him to read to me.

Sometimes, he just cannot remember the word. Knowing that he learns better in English, i turned the card to let him read the Hanyu pinyin. Using his phonics knowledge, he could instantly read out the word to me (although wrong sound). But it was so effective that he immediately remembered how to read the word the next time!

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