Wednesday, January 5, 2011


When N was 6 months old, i took on a rigorous reading routine. I would read a set of english and chinese books to him three times a day. Sad to say, its down to just once a day now. :(

However, today, i can see that my effort has paid off. Not only N is an independent reader, he has a love for books. He loves going to the library and would bury himself in the books.

That said, N still very much prefers that i read to him. In fact, i rarely get him to read. But recently, curiosity got the better of me, i decided to have him read to me instead.

Now i know N can read this entire book on his own.

It's a fairly simple book with simple words. But i love this book because its easy for a toddler to understand the content.

This book has become a must read for N! We've been reading this every night much to my boredom.

I am please to know that N can even read the chunky passages on this book.

Here's another book N is capable of reading on his own.

Each reading page has a verse and N showed that he could read all on his own. It was really sweet hearing him read to me about valentine. :)

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