Friday, January 28, 2011

Little nuggets of the Sonshine boy

1. He loves to run up to me, stick his nose on my shirt, take a whiff and ask 'nice?'. To which i'd ask him back and he would reply 'NICE!'. But would readily declare 'NOT NICE' after sniffing Papa's shirt.

2. He likes to run his hands up my arms, sometimes i find his fingers under my sleeves..and even shorts (YIKES!). Before falling asleep, he sometimes would place one hand my mine.

I think the above 2 points, stems from the fact that he was a breastfed baby. He's so used to my smell and the skin to skin contact.

3. He loves to listen to a particular song repeatedly. In my car, the same song is being repeated over and over for many days. It would be impossible to change track or CD without his detection. My husband gets quite a 'culture' shock when he drives my car during the weekend and would attempt several times over (without success) to change the song.

4. He would sometimes break into a huge 'HELLO!!!" with a broken wrist wave to passengers in the or waiting for the lift. He also likes to pop his head into neighbours houses and yell 'HELLLOO!!!!'.

5. He likes us to list down, in numbering bullet form, his activities for the day. He would ask 'NUMBER 1?' and we would say 'number 1, we brush our teeth'. He would ask 'NUMBER 2?, NUMBER 3?'...all the way down to the last acitivity for the day. And as we finish each activity, he would announce (that we're doing) 'NUMBER 4 now!!'.


  1. I couldn't help but smile and go...awwww..when i read number 2.

    T does the same!!! and is still breastfeeding...awwwww... :)

  2. I had to laugh when I read #2 cos Max is like that too! The joy of a breastfed baby, and yes he's still happily nursing as well :)

  3. awwww....i enjoyed breastfeeding the kiddo. so it IS a breastfed baby thing! OR maybe its a breastfed baby BOY thing! LOL

  4. You have a very cheerful and lively boy. :)

    I can identify with no.3 cos in our car, we're always playing a same particular song over and over again until my hubby and I are so tired of listening to the same old song.

  5. Oh, now its my turn to have my comment eaten up!

    Anyway, was just saying I agree... Its a breastfed baby boy thing I think! Jude is still asking for "nennen", and always needs the close contact to sleep at night! Your boy sure sounds cheery. :)

  6. And I forgot to say... I've uploaded the bible lessons on my blog already, not sure if they'll be helpful since they were for my 2 yr old little monkey... :)

  7. Hello Homeschooling mommy! Gratefully stumbled across your beautiful blog through Jus's Mum in the Making(got intrigued by your nick)... wow, I went through a few of your posts and really get impressed by Sunshine boy's achievement! He is about the same age as my girl(she was born in Sept 2007), but his development is stunning! I can imagine the dedication and efforts you have put on bringing him! Bravo... I mean excellent!

    Here by wishing you and your lovely family a prosperous Rabbit New Year! Keep well and take care!

  8. Alice: *BLUSH* Thank you for the ovewhelming compliments! I think it also helps that he is receptive and enjoys what i plan for him. Otherwise, we wouldn't have come so far either. 恭喜发财!新年快乐!


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