Friday, January 7, 2011


I am really blessed with a great sister! Just hours before the new year, she handed me two huge boxes worth of educational resources! With the arrival of no.2 this year, i know i would not have time to plan and make activities for N. I decided to fall back on purchased educational activities- that'll save me lots of time. I have been stocking up and it really helped that my sister passed me her loot. THanks Jie, you're the best!!

Here's one of the many things she handed me, a set of LOGICO, which by the way, does not come cheap.

The first time i studied it, i was perturbed. I couldn't accept that a 3 year (as recommended by the maker) would be able to solve the problems. Perhaps i have under estimated their abilities. N showed me that he fully understood what he was suppose to do.

I have flipped through some of its exercises, and i have to say some are quite tough questions for a 3 year old. And to answer a question is not so straight forward. You need to think a step or two in order to answer it. I am looking from a 3 year old's perspective of course.  

I think it's aim is to train the child to use both his left and right brain. It's quite a new change from what i've been doing with N at home. I like it! But i think N is not as excited as me, although he will oblige doing a few problems in a sitting.

Wow, i think i just did a product review?  

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