Monday, January 10, 2011

Addition cards

N loves counting and that's why it has been easy teaching him how to add and substract. So far, he's been showing nothing less than keen interest in this subject. I've been using my fingers to teach him some sums & he has successfully learnt that 5+2=7 and 5+2=8. Now he can spout out the answers for these equations without the need for visual aids.

Instead of using my fingers, i thought i should make it more interesting for him.
So i made these cards from scratch.

I use them to 'play' with N additions

For instance, i would take the number 8 & 2 cards and asked N how much does 8+2 amounts to? He counts the total number of cows on the cards and select the correct answer card. This week, i am aiming to show him the equations that sums up to 10.

Unfortunately, N seems to prefer my fingers. :I All that effort in making the cards!

That aside, i am happy to share these cards with you- i call it my First free printables! But you'd have to cut, paste & laminate them yourself. I only ask that you don't sell my creation and if you intend to blog about it, do link it back to my site. Just email me at for the printables. :)

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