Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My little bookworm

Other than toy shops, the other place sonshine boy loves to go to is a bookstore. It can be anywhere as long as there are books. He has made us stop our tracks for Popular bookshops, libraries and even the book sections in Giant supermarkets- just about wherever there are books. It would take us quite a bit of negotiating to get him out of that department.

I always thought he was just flipping through the pages and looking at the pictures- not exactly reading. Maybe reading a few words or page here and there but not seriously checking out the content. But recently, i discovered it was not quite.

The other night, sonshine boy sat between the hubs and i, and silently read one book after another. He was whispering in such a soft voice that it was almost hard to hear him. He was actually reading the entire book! Word by word, page by page, cover to cover. He read 2 Dr Suess books and a few others all by himself! While i am aware that he is capable of reading a book on his own, i've never seen or heard him do it- at least voluntarily (I always had to nudge him to read to me or im always the one reading to him). I have seen him sitting in a corner flipping books many times, but it never occured to me that he was actually READING. 

Okay, well, to some it might be just 'chey, no big deal!', but it is to me. If there is only one thing i did right in this parenting business, it would be that i develop (by God's grace) a love for books in the kiddo. My husband just had to add that Mr Lee KY would be very proud of me! :P


  1. Thanks for popping by my blog! In fact, I had been following your blog for a long time (but I think I am a silent reader here!). I am amazed at what you are doing with your son? I think he is 3 or 4? He is so advanced in his math and language skills. Well done, mummy!! :)

  2. HI!!! I love what you're doing with your girls, i think you are superb- someone should give you an award!! Awww, you're doing a great job yourself! let's pat each other on the back *pat pat* (ah yes, my boy is 3.5 year old)


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