Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A block of ice

This was an activity waiting to happen. It's all over other blogs and knew i had to do it with N.

First, fill a container with water and add some knick-knacks ie marbles, rubber bands. Here, i put in N's sea animal toys. Freeze the container overnight.

Take the ice out of the container and let the kid hack it away!

What can you find inside the ice?


  1. Look's like fun! Can't wait to try it out with the kids. Now I just need to go and hunt for some small toys to freeze. When Max came along I packed up all the small toys cos he wanted to eat everything.

  2. ya i thought it was fun too! But i think the melting process took a tad too long until N got bored. You may wana freeze them in smaller cubes so that ice melts faster and the kids can remove the knick knacks without much of a wait. Or let the ice melt for awhile before letting the kids play. Oh unless, your kids are great at hacking..mine was a softie..haiyo.

  3. I think Max will take the ice and throw it on the floor. Thanks for the suggestion on smaller ice cubes. Will give it a try next week


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