Monday, January 10, 2011

Counting beads with a twist

N still loves to do this. Just today, he asked to do it again.

But i got bored watching him doing it and decided to make it interesting for us.

I took out our doodle board and wrote:

I instructed N to read and give me the beads according to what i've written.

No sweat!


  1. I'm really impressed with his keen interest in Math. I take my hat off to you for your patience in teaching him. I tend to get very impatient and then the whole activity isn't fun for both of us.

    I use to panic when I read how other kids their age can do this and that...etc but I have come to realise that Ally's interest is in sports, music and dance. We try to cultivate that as much as we can. I'm confident she's not "losing" out just because we don't focus on academics, right now our main focus is letting her enjoy her childhood. :)

  2. i totally agree with you j! honestly, i used to look at ally and wonder if N is losing out in sports & music! ha!! But i've realised, ally's strength is really in sports- and i think you did the right thing in steering her toward that direction (she's REAALLY GOOD AT IT!) rather than forcing her to pick up academic learning- and then making everyone unhappy. Academics ain't everything. All kid are born with different strengths and its up to us, parents to help hone their strengths- you definately doing that for ally! As for N, he has no interest in sports and music...sigh (i wish he did). BUt like you, im just going to stick to what he likes rather than making him learn the things I Want him to learn. I believe that'll give the child a happy childhood! :)

  3. am just so inspired! write more write more!

    btw, i'm having problems with T, learning numbers..he is so energetic and playful..just wants to run!!!! i bought a hopscotch mat with numbers!!! so now when i jump, i scream, 1, 2, 3 4,5..any more ideas?

  4. Hello P! I think T is at the explorative age which explains why he is running around. N was like this too. It's a phase, you should allow him to run and be playful when he wants to & catch him during his quiet moments for your teachings? I think your hopscotch is an excellent idea!! Sounds fun! :)))


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