Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Make Van Gogh's Bed

I first saw painting activities over at Adventures of Bear but never thought of actually doing it with the boy...until i stumbled upon this book at the library.

It's really a cool book. The illustrations are all famous paintings but the author manage to piece them up and make a story- even with rhyming words which made it enjoyable to read! Best of all, there are flaps, ribbons etc for the child to touch, hence the book is called 'Touch the Art'.

It also tells the reader what is the painting called and who the artist is. Sonshine boy was surprisingly, very interested in this book.

Not wanting to slip this chance by, i created an activity relating to the book we read. I printed some of the paintings we saw on the book.

The kiddo matches the painting to its name and artist. It was interesting to note that he was able to recall the names of each painting; i didn't have to guide him.

I love this book! What an easy way to expose the child to art paintings!

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