Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blog award

I have been receiving blog awards here and there but never really write about it. Not that i am not appreciative of it, just that i never knew what i was suppose to do!
But i am always appreciative that other bloggers remember me this way! Thank you Leptir for this!

This award has only one rule: you must specify three destinations to which you want to travel and say why

So here goes!
1. Israel: I visited there once and love it. I am a christian and going to land of God makes the bible alive. You'll see living proof of the things you read in the bible from places to tombstones! Its real!

2. USA: FOR SHOPPING!!!!! I want to go to their outlets and go crazy there! And erm, ya check out their scenic views too..but that's secondary! HA!

3. Korea: Watching all that Korean variety shows just make me want to go there and taste their food. IT LOOKS SO GOOD!

Actually, i've been too all 3 places! Hahaha, i guess my visits there were too good not to go back again!

I'm passing this award to

1. Leptir
2. Mi Escuelita Montessori
3. Counting coconuts
4. Adventures of Bear


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  1. Thanks for passing it back to me :-)

    I wrote your name and link to your blog next to the award, here:


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