Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Reading Mandarin books...

I am so happy that i found this mandarin book in our store!
Do you find difficulty in finding good mandarin reads for toddlers? I do!

I typically like books that have short sentences, big prints and illustrations that fits the description. But most of the toddler mandarin books i see are very wordy, have small prints and the pictures are just too complicated.

I like books with big prints because as i read, N can look at the words. This way, he learns new words. I also prefer N to understand what we are reading. Hence the wordings must be very simple and the illustrations must show exactly the descriptions. This book is just perfect! Too bad, they only have a few books in this series.


  1. Hmmm... yeah, it takes some effort to look for books, but not only for Chinese, also for English. I've amassed quite a few though. haha.

  2. We are readiing the sane book. (going to blog about it too)

    There are 5 of them but I only bright this,

  3. Alamak! Not good to use tablet to type! So many error!



  4. haha i get it i get it!!

    I only bought 2 from this series as well..Im hoping they'll publish more!

    Yes pls do blog! I may wana 'kapok' some of your reading list. :)

    kar: i dont quite have much difficulty in English books lei...its the mandarin books thats making me tear my hair out!


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