Tuesday, January 25, 2011

IQ Genius

I was checking out another right brain game that my sister gave me when the busybody just had to check out what i was doing. I was trying to see if the game was appropiate for him. I concluded that it was abit tough for him and intended to put it away until his older.

He insisted on doing it with me and so i obliged. But i was also concern that he might loose interest in it once he discover that it was too difficult for him.

The aim of the game is to fit the various shaped bocks into a given picture. It's abit like tangrams but more challenging.

Call me a tard but i found it difficult even for me! It was quite mind boggling. Surprisingly, sonshine boy was very interested in it. Despite not being able to solve the puzzles immediately, he wasn't frustrated. Instead he wanted to keep trying- i was the one who suggested we change (ha!). He eventually solved the above puzzle all by himself and in a few seconds! He did it while i was still fumbling with the blocks (what a blonde moment). We were both beaming with pride!

And here's the game if you are interested. I think its quite affordable.


  1. Sorry, i have no idea! BUt i vaguely remeber someone selling it on SMH's BP?


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