Friday, January 14, 2011

Logico again...

We've been doing Logico every now and then.
It's getting quite interesting & N is getting the hang of it. As i said before, its not so straight forward to answer the questions. Here's what we're suppose to do:

1. Identify the question we want to answer i.e choose the color code.
2. Here, in each question, there are 3 buckets of varying numbers of pencils. The child is to pick the bucket that has the most number of pencils.
3. Once he has identified that, he needs to determine the shape representing that bucket.
4. He now has to pick the corresponding colored knob from the horizontal axis and move it up to the vertical axis.
5. He shifts the colored knob to the correct shape identified in step 3.

The Logico comes in several booklets for different subjects & levels. We've dabbled in shapes/colors, counting (N's favourite of course) and now logical thinking.

The gist of the questions are generally easy however, it adds in a couple more steps before the child can get to the answer. I like that it challenges the child to think.

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