Saturday, June 19, 2010


I am very pleased that my effort to teach N bible verse have proven to be effective! After doing this with N for a week or so, N now can recite the verse on demand. Every now and then i would ask N 'What does Ps 139 vs 14 says?' and he'd say 'N is fearfully & wonderfully made!'. Amen!

Just now, he went up to his papa and recited the verse to him without any prompting! Praise God! I hope this means that the verse is deeply rooted in him and he'd grow up remembering the verses he learnt. As an adult, i always have problems remembering verses or even finding a relevant one when i need it. I had wish someone had made me remember the key verses when i was younger. That's why im doing this for N, so that when he is older, he will have no problem reaching out for the verses whenever he is in need of it. Now on to the next verse! :)


  1. So nice that you're making him memorize verses! :) And its a great verse to start off with. I'm sure he'll remember it!

  2. Just stumbled on your blog and I thought it was very clever of you to make the memory verses this way. I'm also trying to find a way to teach my son bible verses or stories that is interesting to him. I'm still in my search but thanks for the ideas! It was helpful :-) God Bless you and your family in many wonderful ways!!

  3. Thanks! Hope it'll work on your kids! :)


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