Monday, June 21, 2010

Counting money!

Here's how i'm planning to teach N all about money...well coins actually. I traced the coins on a white card from the smallest and to the biggest and wrote the respective demominations. As N match the coins, i would call out the demonination aloud. Later, i got him to give me the coins according to what i've called for. For instance, i say, 'give mama 5cents' and N passed me the respective coin. For fun, i also asked him which one is the largest coin and which is the smallest.

Later, i intend to teach him the monetary value when we combine 2 coins together. I've prepared a few cards where i again traced the coins on the paper. For example, for $1.50, i traced the $1 coin and $0.50 coin on the card. Hopefully this way, N would realise that a one dollar coin and 50cents coin makes $1.50.


  1. Hey this is a great idea! But will he get the 20c and $1 mixed up since the sizes are the same?

  2. you got me! I didn't realise the 2 were of the same size..*gasp* i went to measure the 2! They are smiliar in size, although the $1 coin is a wee bit bigger. I guess, the good thing is the the $1 coin is in gold, so its easy for the tod to differentiate! PHEW!

  3. Oh yes, I guess he'll be able to sort based on the colour too! :) But nonetheless, its a great idea!


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