Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Days of the Week

Ever since i made this Day chart for N, he has been dilligently updating the board with or without my prompting. While my enthusiam for this is slowly dying, im proud to say N is still eagerly keeping this up.

When I ask him what day it was, he would intially refer to the chart but these days, he could answer me even without looking at the board. Last weekend, after church, i causually asked him what day it was. He remembered that he went to church to which he replied 'Sunday!'.

I've also added the chinese terms for each day of the week and went through with him. He has understood what 星期一 (monday) means and so on. He can even answer me in mandarin now whenever i ask him what day it was.

1 comment:

  1. hwah this is priceless! i can't even remember how to write Monday in Mandarin!

    u guys are such an inspiration!

    i keep reading your blog religiously everyday!!!

    write more more more! i also want to learn. hehe


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