Monday, June 28, 2010

Ten Board and Beads

So, finally, i have decided its time for N to do this activity. As always, im in awe of Montessori activities, i think it brings the message very clearly even to the young.

I started out by establishing with N that there are 10 yellow beads in each erm string? I also got him to count the number of grey beads in each erm...string (for the lack of better word). He counted, and matched the grey beads to the numeral plates (before we slit into the board. I showed him that 10 yellow beads and 1 grey bead makes 11 and on and on.

I was concern this was too challenging for N or it was too boring for N. Fortunately, he stuck through it and wanted to do more (i only intended to do up till 13 for today). So we did it all the way up to 19. He seems to be getting the concept, but i want to be very sure.

The rest of the week, i'm going to get him to do this independently.

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