Tuesday, June 22, 2010

la la la, elmo's world

This week, i learnt that we don't need to keep making materials to have stimulative play with our kids. We can also use their toys! I am amazed that some of the toys are actually quite educational in their own right.

Here's one.

  My sister gave this when N was way too young. He has been playing it by randomly pressing the buttons. But today, i realised N knows enough to play this toy the right way, so i yanked it out and interest him to play this toy. He loves it!

To play, pull the lever on the right to make Elmo ask a question like 'how many birds can you see? Who is standing next to the letter Y? What color/shape is the sun?' There are 4 (2 sided) disc for you to change the scenery and vary the play.

I thought this was an excellent way to get N put to practise what he has been learning. It also sharpens his listening skills  On top of that, he learns to answer questions like 'who, what, how'. He also gets to practise his counting skills, revise his shapes and colors. Better than the iphone i say!

(Im begining to turn this blog into a product review page instead!)

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  1. hehe i love ur product reviews. tell N to keep up the good work and you too, mummy.

    ps just emailed you! go see!


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